Hello, my name's Jordan Tarrant . I'm a 23 year old photographer and photo-retoucher living in Charleston, South Carolina.

I work in a bike shop by day and practice black magic at night.

I usually don’t rant about photographers.

I try to leave it alone, opinions are like assholes. 


Self proclaimed ‘photographers’ who buy a dslr ask a ploy to get someone naked or fuck them is probably one of the most disrespectful things in our industry.  You are not helping photography become more accepted as an art.  You are creepy and setting male photographers back a step.  

The fact that ‘photographers’ like this get attention and recognition is sickening.  I get it, you bought a camera and put a naked, typically modified, girl against a wall or on a bed spread and called it art.  Oh cool, you shoot Polaroids, how avant garde of you. There is no artistic merit in that and until people stop giving these clever facades attention others will never see that this is unprofessional and scummy.

You know who you are.

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